Stameco meets its customers and society's expectations by producing professional outdoor fitness equipment, small architecture products and leisure and relaxation areas. We provide reliable and safe devices which allow people to stay active in the open air. We want our devices be different and suitable for each age group. Stameco contributes to activating local communities through innovative urban and rural development.


Stameco's goal is to create open-air areas where people of all ages will be able to spend their time outdoors in an active way. Our highest priority is to promote physical activity through the functional management of an unoccupied public area. We want to meet the expectations of people of all ages which is why we are still expanding our production enriching our portfolio not only of sports equipment or small architecture but also of leisure and relaxation areas. The solutions we produce make the public area interesting for meeting places of young people, parents with children and seniors. Outdoor activities have a better effect than inside a closed room so we want outdoor gyms to be available in every part of Poland and abroad.


The manufacturer of outdoor gyms, small architecture products and leisure and relaxation areas - from the very beginning of its business Stameco has been able to develop values which determine the principles of cooperation and relations with customers. The basic values we are guided by are:

Openness and individual approach

We are open to all ideas from the clients and thanks to our individual approach we can adapt products to the wish of each customer. A specially prepared and adapted outdoor gym design will help to arrange any public area.

Durability and safety

One of the most important aims of our business is the safety of the outdoor gym users. The products we offer are designed to withstand temperature changes, sunlight and due to the high quality of components they are corrosion-resistant too.

Knowledge and practical experience

When designing and manufacturing equipment, we pay attention to the needs and requirements of users. Stameco forms a team of people who are experienced in the production of steel constructions, playground elements and small architecture.

The values we have developed are entirely based on our experience and the specific market which we operate on. As a manufacturer of outdoor gyms, small architecture, leisure and relaxation areas we pay great attention to them because the primary value for us is to satisfy our customers.

Responsibility and integrity

We care about the time our products are delivered. We also pay attention to a friendly and professional relationship with the customer. Any device purchased from us is covered by the warranty. We provide warranty and out-of-warranty service.

Passion and determination

Stameco is an example of a company that increases its competitive advantage and realises orders for the most demanding customers by determination and involvement of the whole team.

Sustainable development

We want all social groups to be able to use free outdoor gyms as well as leisure and relaxation areas in their local environment.


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