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Certified devices

Our products are certified by an independent accredited body. Stameco's production process meets the highest standards not only in terms of safety or environmental aspects but also in terms of quality surveillance ensuring full repeatability of products. Our equipment is manufactured to the latest standards guaranteeing high quality, durability and safety. Using Stameco's equipment, its users – from children, young people to seniors – can be sure that the devices they practice on meet the highest standards. The confirmation of quality and safety of the equipment which is produced and installed by Stameco are certificates awarded to our products which are in force in the countries of the European Union - PN-EN 16630:2015-06.

We understand the needs of our customers perfectly

As a manufacturer of outdoor gyms, small architecture products, recreation and relaxation areas and other steel constructions we present ready-made solutions that will fully reflect the vision of a new leisure center in the park, sports centre, recreation centre in the playground or residential areas. Prepared visualisations and the preliminary design of the planned investment are a great convenience for the investor.

Customer's satisfaction is a priority for us and our partnership is the element that distinguishes us. We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, therefore we provide warranty and out-of-warranty service and the warranty covers a period of three years. From the beginning of our existence every information of possible repair has been positively considered in favor of the customer.

​​​​​​​Outdoor Fitness facilities are more likely to be found in parks, playgrounds or other outdoor areas.

Stameco is a thriving business. We are constantly raising the quality and scope of our services. We want to meet the growing expectations of our customers.

In order to fulfil the increasing number of orders and especially to make it easier for the customer to collect the equipment, we have expanded our offer with transport.

Delivery of the devices takes place in a way specified in the order and chosen by the customer. If you order the outdoor equipment from us you can be sure that it will arrive within the set time limit. We adapt to the individual needs of our customers.

Transport across the whole country

We provide that the ordered products will be delivered quickly and efficiently across the whole country

Safe transport

The functional car adapted for safe transport of equipment will ensure that the purchased equipment is in good condition.

Polish producer

Stameco is a Polish producer of certified outdoor gyms, products of small architecture and recreation and relaxation areas. The equipment we create in Poland is made in a factory equipped with a high-class machinery park. The modern production line allows for the systematic and frequent expansion of the range of new product models and adapting them to individual needs of customers. Stameco is also a team of people with years of experience in the production of steel constructions and small architecture products.

What makes us different

  • we are active in Poland and abroad
  • we offer professional advice, assistance and individual projects
  • we are focused on recognising and understanding the needs and expectations of our customers
  • we provide professional service
  • we have a wide range of equipment
  • we complete all orders on time
  • we have knowledge and experience in the branch of small architecture and playgrounds
  • we use specialised technologies 
  • you can modify existing products
  • our priority is high quality and reliability of the product

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