Price list of outdoor gyms

Paying special attention to the individual needs of our customers, as a producer of outdoor gyms we offer equipment at attractive price. Outdoor gyms are very popular among users of all ages. The price of individual devices is the total cost of an outdoor gym which does not have to be high at all. We offer durable, safe and functional outdoor fitness equipment with transport and installation in the indicated location which influences on the favorable price of Stameco outdoor gyms. We implement individual projects of the outdoor gyms and the price list depends on the number and type of selected equipment. When preparing the design of a gym we can arrange the devices so that the total price does not exceed certain amount making the gym functional and inexpensive. For customers who often ask for an example of outdoor gyms price list we have prepared a special offer of the finished set taking into account the most popular outdoor exercise equipment. CLICK HERE

What affects the price?

Completing of the outdoor gym depends on the individual requirements of the customer and condition of the area where the project takes place. The final price of outdoor gyms is determined by several factors such as:

  • number of devices,
  • type of equipment,
  • size of the surface,
  • ​​​​​​​type of the surface,
  • extra elements that make the place diverse.

Bearing in mind the above, we can easily answer the question why individual outdoor gym projects' price is so different. Depending on the type and surface of the area we select the optimal number and type of equipment. The more devices the higher price. We also decide about the type of surface of the outdoor gym. Lawn is of course the cheapest solution. You can choose from: certified, rubber mats, gravel, paving stones or synthetic surface which is definitely the most expensive. The final price is significantly influenced by the extra equipment of the outdoor gym area which increases its functionality. Paths, bike racks, seats are some of the elements that increase the cost of the entire investment.

The price of an outdoor gym can be very varied. It is worth taking these factors into account at the design stage which are to a large extent the cost of the complete construction of the gym.


Stameco devices are a kind of solid equipment produced in Poland according to the latest standards guaranteeing quality, durability and safety.The high quality and safety of our devices can be proved by certificates PN-EN 16630:2015-06. This means that Stameco outdoor gyms meet not only Polish but also stricter European Union safety standards.


Stameco products are positively distinguished by their quality. They are highly resistant to weather conditions which has been confirmed by anti-corrosion tests. The high quality of Stameco equipment is the result of our experience and the use of specialised production technologies like shot blasting, zinc coating as well as zinc and epoxy primer with an increased zinc content. The devices are coated with high-quality zink-powder coating from AkzoNobel

Adjusted to individual needs

Stameco's assembly system allows you to change the arrangement of individual devices in any way. We have a DWG file library that makes the public area architects' work much easier. If necessary, we can help you to design and visualise your project. In addition, a wide range of RAL colours is available to the customer and the designer.

Stameco outdoor gyms are distinguished by modern design which makes the area more attractive. They adapt and enhance the surrounding landscape along bicycle and boulevard paths, parks, playgrounds, sports centers or residential squares.

Service and warranty

We provide warranty and post-warranty service and the warranty covers a period of three years.

Outdoor Gyms - Outdoor Fitness in Poland

this is a relatively new idea but following the example of western European countries, Polish cities and towns are convinced of the benefits of such installations. Today, outdoor gyms make urban area more attractive in countries such as the UK, Ireland and France.
Citizens' health and prestige

The city gyms are great places for both young and active people as well as the elderly who value healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way to diversify your workout and get out of the four walls of a traditional fitness center. Outdoor gyms are not only an interesting place for meetings and integration but also an interesting object of urban architecture which improves the image of the authorities that take care of their inhabitants.


Due to the conditions which the equipment is used in (open area) and people who excercise on it in terms of skills, level of training or even body structure, the elements of Stameco outdoor gyms are of solid constructions which are easy to use. Our devices are designed and made so that the use of them does not require the assistance of another person. It consists of simple design, load regulation and most importantly safety for users of this type of equipment.