Regular physical activity in the open air has positive effect on human health and general body development. As an outdoor gyms manufacturer, we give you the opportunity to change your lifestyle by a regular use of our solutions. The design of the outdoor gym, which is specially prepared and planned on the basis of individual needs, will arrange any area. Our professional devices will enable the formation of all muscle parts. The gym will provide entertainment not only for the younger but for the older users too.

Outdoor exercises using specialised equipment can make your daily walking, running or cycling complete. It is possible thanks to park gyms. Exercises done with them:

  • have positive effect on physical condition and cardiovascular function,
  • improve body immunity and coordination,
  • burn calories faster and oxygenate
  • support fat reduction
  • strengthen the organism.

Outdoor gyms are a set of properly selected devices for exercising. When designing and manufacturing of the equipment we pay attention to the needs and requirements of users. Our offer includes a range of Outdoor Fitness devices. Their combination will enable even the most demanding users to complete the training plan. We offer devices such as: orbitrek, surfer, air walker, butterfly, ladder, pull up rack, Tai-chi wheel, pull up chair, leg press, twister, skier, rower and many other products. All elements of the outdoor gym can be installed on a single pole or pylon. We also produce park gyms based on the presented project.